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During the war, the British 'Tommy's ' equipment that they carried generally changed very little. The work horse that it was all based around was the 37 pattern webbing, which gave the soldier a belt and gaiters for best dress uniform and an ability to, if necessary, carry large amounts of equipment in battle to sustain him for a number of days in the combat zone. The equipment listed below displays what the average soldier would have landed with on June 6th 1944, which is our standard display at events. This webbing is naturally a light khaki colour, but for different areas and time frames of the was, was coloured with a powdered paint like substance called blanco, in this case the colour it has been coloured is a dark green known as KG3 Blanco which was standard for British infantry in Normandy.

'Battle' Webbing

1-  37 pattern webbing cross straps, these support the webbing belt                  and form the main basis around which the rest of the webbing set is              created

2-  37 pattern utility pouches Mk2, a pair of these are attached to                      the webbing belt and cross straps 

3-  37 pattern webbing belt, again the main part of the webbing with the             cross straps which forms the main basis of the set, the belt is also                used by itself with best dress and parade uniforms

4-  No4 spike bayonet for Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 rifle (see weapons                    sections) with a scabbard in 37 pattern frog

5- 37 pattern water bottle cradle and water bottle with cork (bottle                    removable)

6-  37 pattern entrenching tool, cover and handle

7-  Gas cape

8-  Hawkins mine (see weapons section), not carried by all soldiers.

Contents of Battle Webbing

7-  No 69 Offensive Grenade (see weapons section)

8-  No 36  Defensive Grenade 'Mills Bomb' (see weapons section)

9- 50 rounds of .303 ammunition loaded on 'stripper clips' ready for use            with rifle, held inside bandolier (10)

10- Bandolier, holding 50 rounds of .303, held inside utility pouch

1- Bren Light Machine Gun ammunition magazines with 28 rounds of                 .303 ammunition held in one of the utility pouches

2-  Boot polishing brushes, cloth and polish held in the intrenching tool                holder

3- Water bottle held in cradle

4-   Lee Enfield Rifle cleaning Pull Through held in the intrenching tool                holder

5- Intrenching tool haft and blade held in the intrenching tool holder

6-  No4 spike bayonet held inside scabbard