Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Re-enactment Group

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When an infantryman landed on the beach in Normandy, he carried ashore everything he would need not only to fight, but to live and survive in hostile terrain. This meant water, food, clothes, hygienic implements and the little comforts of home that made fighting in foreign lands a long way from home more bearable.  In the field, each soldier would personalise his kit to suit his individual needs, with a mix of personal items and issued equipment. This was, for the most part, carried on the soldiers back as you will see below:

Contents of Small Pack

1- 37 pattern small pack

2- Rubberised rain cape

3- Essential cup for the British Tommy to have his tea

On the reverse of small pack are two 37 pattern 'L straps' attached at the top and bottom of the pack, allowing it to be worn on the soldiers back and be attached to the webbing just above the utility pouches.

1- Rubberised rain cape with string holder

2-   Wash roll containing:    -Soap           -Foot powder         -Mirror

                                           -Toothbrush   -Tooth paste         -Nail brush

                                           -Razor (personal or issue           -Shaving brush

                                           -Button stick (for polishing brass)

                                           -Spare replacement leather boot laces

3-  Spare issued underpants               4-  Wool 'cap comforter' 

5-  Issue wash towel                           6-  Spare issue socks

7-  Wool gloves                        8-  Private purchase wool jumper

9- Private purchase book, Oliver Twist

10-  Issue mess tins                 11- Water sterilizing tin

12-  Emergency ration tin         13-  Candle

14-  Matches                             15-  Fuel tablets in tobacco tin 

16- Playing cards                    17- Knife, fork and spoon set

18- 24 hour ration pack                  19-  Tea mug

20- Tommy cooker fold up stove

*not pictured* -'house wife' sewing kit