Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Re-enactment Group

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French Resistance

Madame Blanc

(Deputy Chairman)

(Impression Organiser)

Madame Grey

Madame Green

Monsieur Comerford

Madame Hammersley 

Monsieur Betts

Monsieur Lea


Army Film & Photographic Unit (AFPU)

Serjeant Hartland

Adopted Cameraman

(Impression Organiser)


Platoon Headquarters Section

1st Lieutenant Collins 

Serjeant Gardner AKA Frenchy

Private Flavell AKA The Verger

Wireless Operator

(Impression Organiser)

Serjeant Thatcher

(Group Chairman)

Private White

Private Mason


B Company 1 Section

Corporal Nixon

AKA Moley

Lance Corporal Grey

AKA Cheese

Private Comerford

Private Betts

Private Maundrell

Private Powell

Private Howes

Private Siroky


B Company 2 Section

Corporal Desmond

AKA Shambles

Lance Corporal Perks

AKA Bundy

Private Borecki AKA Ridge

Section Bren Gunner

Private Bailey AKA Bingo

Bren No2

Private Stokes

Private Woods AKA MH


B Company 3 Section

Lance Corporal Ward
AKA Sticky

Private Hammersley
Section Bren Gunner


Regimental Aid Post

Private Drake AKA Herp

Stretcher Bearer

(Impression Organiser)