Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Re-enactment Group

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When attending events, we always recommend a few bits of kit to make sure you are able to get a decent nights sleep at a show. If you are missing anything but still want to attend then contact us beforehand and we will try and find you items to borrow. However we recommend getting these items as soon as possible:

Tent: Ideally a period pup tent as a good starter, small but able to fit you plus kit in over night. Obviously modern tents (plastic, polyester etc that are clearly not from the WW2 era) are not permitted on the stand, these will have to be put up at an events 'modern campsite' which may charge you for the use. Larger tents are permitted (officer tents for example) but you will need to be able to put it up and take it down by yourself if necessary in the unlikely eventuality that you are by yourself on the stand.

Bed: Camp beds and sleeping bags do NOT need to be period issue as they will be hidden in the tent on the stand during the day.

Food & Drink: Water is usually available at events and there are quite often food vendors but it is always better to have food with you just in case. Beer is recommended but optional... We also recommend eating utensils, which may or may not be part of your impression (i.e. mess tins & KFS set) and an essential is your tin mug for a brew!