Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Re-enactment Group

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When getting started with the impression, we suggest getting items in a certain order, this is purely a guide line. It is your hobby you have the choice. The basic role for the group is at the rank of Private (Pte) with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. If you are interested in another impression or specific role or rank (e.g. Bren Gunner, PIAT gunner, FFI, ATS etc) then please let us know in your message to the group.  

Please do not attend events with any medals attached to your uniform unless you have earned them. If you are a current or ex member of the armed services and have been awarded medals, then please let us know when you contact us.

Our group strives for accuracy in it's impression, avoiding pieces of uniform that were uncommon or just unused all together. If you have a piece of equipment that has not been listed on this website or you are not sure about please contact us before using it at an event.


The first items we recommend for your basic impression is what's called your walking out impression. This consist of:

1- General Service (GS) Cap with Royal Warwickshire Regiment Cap Badge   

2- Scrim camouflage scarf

3- 39 or 40 Pattern Battledress (BD) Blouse

4- 37 Pattern Webbing Belt

5- 39 or 40 Pattern Battledress (BD) trousers

6- 37 Pattern Webbing Gaiters

7- Studded 'Ammo' Boots

BD wise, 39 Pattern or 40 Pattern is acceptable and we request that all webbing (gaiters, belt etc) is covered with Blanco (either original KG3 Blanco or bottled Soldier of Fortune Blanco). Brasses are required to be clean but not shined (shiny things attract bullets in the field). If an event requires boots and brasses to be polished (e.g.a parade) you will be informed beforehand.

The reason we recommend these items first is that it means you have everything you need to wear on the re-enactment stand, it means you can attend parades and we can lend you the parts you need for battles and/ or a battlefield impression. Once you have the basics you can then start working on your advanced impression (see the section with the same name on this website) which includes your gear for a front line infantry-mans impression.

For advice on where to pick the items you need to get started, head to the contact page to see the different ways to get in touch or head to our recommended supplier page.