Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Re-enactment Group

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  1. General Service (GS) Cap with Royal Warwickshire Regiment cap badge (not worn in battle)
  2. Scrim camouflage scarf (also used for camouflaging the face in combat)
  3. 40 pattern battledress (BD) blouse, also acceptable is seen in second picture 37 pattern battledress blouse
  4. 37 pattern webbing belt (not worn in battle)
  5. 40 pattern battledress (BD) trousers, also acceptable but not pictured is 37 pattern battledress trousers
  6. 37 pattern webbing gaiters
  7. Studded 'ammo' boots


Re-enactor wearing 40-pattern battledress


Re-enactor wearing 39-pattern battledress

Battledress Insignia

  1. 'Royal Warwickshire' shoulder titles (also known as 'Rockers')
  2. British 3rd Infantry Division patch (this denotes which Division the unit is part of. Different Battalions of the Royal Warwicks were in a number of Divisions throughout the war. For our Normandy impressions, which is 2nd Battalion Warwicks, we are part of 3rd Division).
  3. Infantry Arm of Service badge- These badges were to display which Brigade of a Division the unit was part of, with infantry Brigades always denoted with red lines. The first Brigade would be 1 stripe, second would be 2 stripes etc. For this impression, 3rd Division had 8th, 9th and 185th Infantry Brigades. The Warwicks being part of 185th Brigade, which is shown by the 3 red stripes.
  4. Bren Gunner Trade badge - Certain roles within the British Army which required specialist training were given a Trade Badge to denote the individual's training in that field. In this case 'BG' stands for Bren Gunner, so the soldier is trained on that weapon. Other badges include Bren Carrier (BC), Motor Cyclist (MC) and Sniper (Crossed rifles with an S above).



Re-enactor wearing battledress, showing left-arm insignia



Re-enactor wearing battledress, showing right-arm insignia

Undershirt & Braces

Underneath the Battledress Blouse is the Other Ranks (OR) Shirt, when the BD Blouse is removed the shirt sleeves are rolled up for 'Shirt Sleeve Order'.


White braces are attached to the Battle Dress trousers, we recommend elasticated reproductions for comfort.


Re-enactors wearing undershirt and braces