Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
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Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum (Royal Warwickshire)

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum (Royal Warwickshire) tells the story of over 300 years of history of the County's Regiment, from its raising in 1674 to the Fusiliers of today. The museum is situated in the centre of Warwick. It is currently closed for relocation, and should reopen in 2022 at Pageant House, Jury Street, Warwick.

The museum offers research services to those who wish to learn more about relatives who served during the Regiment's history, as well as huge amounts of information and fascinating exhibits.

Due to recent funding cuts, the museum needs more and more for funding from donations to be able to continue its educational work. We, as a group, would encourage anyone with an interest or family tie to the Warwicks, to visit the museum. We are proud to be able to offer the chance to donate funds to the museum or purchase Warwickshire memorabilia at our shows, namely:

- 'No Better Soldier' - an excellent book written by 2nd Battalions Commanding Officer, Capt Illing recounting his time with the Warwicks in WW2

- Bobby the Antelope - a soft toy of the famous Black Buck Antelope mascot of the Warwickshire Regiment

To visit the Museum's website, please click on the picture below