Royal Warwickshire Regiment 
Re-enactment Group

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The Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) came into being by Royal Warrant on 9th September 1939.
By December of 1939 almost 24,000 women had enlisted.
In December 1941 conscription for women was introduced with The National Service Act (No 2).
The function of the ATS was to provide support for the over-stretched British Army, to enable the men to go and fight, while the women undertook non-combat roles. 
Throughout the Second World War 335 members of the ATS were killed.
94 were reported missing
302 were wounded
20 became prisoners of war. 
The women who served in the ATS were justly very proud of their service.

Our ATS impression is currently a show-and-tell of various ATS artifacts and photographs, and a display of an ATS Clerk attached to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Trades in the ATS included:

Searchlight Operators
Store Women
Dispatch Riders
Radar Operators
Wireless Operators
Ambulance Drivers