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Information on this site

Information on this site has been gathered from a number of different sources, both paper and digital. In as many cases as possible we will provide a reference for a physical copy of information, and a link to any digital information.

Any errors in the information provided are our responsibility alone. If you have information that shows that ours listed is incorrect, please feel free to contact us. If you do please give a clear reference of your source of information and we will amend the mistake.

Any information listed on this site is not owned by the Royal Warwickshire Re-enactment Group and is free to be used by anyone visiting the site.

Pictures displayed on this site

Any pictures displayed on this website have either been scanned from a physical source, or copied from a digital source. The group claims no ownership of any of the pictures displayed on this page which may be used by people external to the group.

If any pictures on this page are owned and copyrighted by others then please contact us with proof of copyright and we will remove them as soon as possible.

Some of the pictures displayed are for the purpose of demonstration of a point or time of history (e.g. demonstration of kit worn, or art work or picture from a particular period), as such they may not display members of the Regiment or be from the exact time period than stated but, as far as we are aware with the information we have available, are correct for the time period.

Photographers credited:

David Hartland

Brian Swanson

Stewart Lambeth

Ferez Fee

If there are photos on our website you have taken, please contact us to be credited above.

Bibliography (archive, original is offline)

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